We do all sorts of events throughout the year! Everything from big festivals or marathons to smaller neighborhood gatherings and weddings. If it’s an event and you want Kona Ice to be there, we’ll make it happen. A nice cup of shaved ice makes any event just that much better. We can serve these cups of shaved ice to hundreds of people in an hour. We also don’t require electric or a water hookup to do the job. We’re a no fuss business because everything about the Kona Ice Experience should be an absolute blast!

Kona Days

Sick of time consuming fundraisers? Kona Ice is the easiest fundraiser around. Just tell us where to park and who to make the check out to. We can serve up to 500 kids per hour. Have us out monthly or once a year - the choice is up to you!


There’s nothing more exciting than a Kona Ice shaved ice truck pulling into the parking lot of your daycare! Trust me, the kids will LOVE it. And you know what? Your staff will love it too! It’s really a no-brainer because everyone loves shaved ice.


If you’re looking for a great birthday party idea, Kona Ice could be what you’re looking for! It’s a great surprise for your little one who loves shaved ice. Kona Ice drives up and treats the birthday boy or girl with extra special care - they get a fun birthday package! Now you’re the cool birthday party on the block because Kona Ice stopped by. We’ll make sure to create memories for all the kids involved, but your kid will always remember the birthday they had with Kona Ice!